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Friday, April 24, 2015

More Paintings!

Once I just about complete a painting I start a new one.  I never know how long it will take as I get stuck one a painting and it just takes time to get unstuck and move on.  If it isn't enjoyable then that is reflected in the painting.

This is the first night  I started it.  Below is the reference photo.

Above I added the second lion then added some color.  Below I used a glaze for the first time!  A glaze is just that, a thin coat of paint.  I wanted the purple in the background for the elephant.

Last night I started with the above and I worked on the lions and started adding purple to the elephant.  My teacher tells me the elephant looks like he is removed from the picture.  When I put the "dust" on the picture I think that will cure the problem.  There is still much to do but I KNOW what to do so it won't take as long.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Running Fox has been finished for some time but I haven't posted him because I wasn't sure he was truly done.  I thought maybe I  might grab a brush and touch something up a bit that was bothering me.  Turns out what bothered me was his eye.  You know the one that isn't quite right.  I decided to leave it alone because it is like the picture.

Original Picture of Running Fox

The goal was to paint this picture and make it look like what it is.  I think I succeeded.  In the future I will not confine my creative inner self and will take liberties as I feel the need.  But for now I am happy to present to you my very first painting of an animal.

Running Fox
I can already see several rookie mistakes in him!  Moving forward I've learned to exaggerate the contours to make the painting come alive and give depth.  His face would not look so flat if I would add some lines on the side of his snout.  Wait!  I said I was finished!

Next up are portraits of my neighbors dogs and an elephant charging two lions.  I'm having fun!