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Saturday, October 23, 2010

My First Visitor!

Happy morning to everyone!

Pretty picture of a car..my boss owns it....

I had gotten rather discouraged about the blogging and only checked in once in awhile to see if anyone was really out there.  I was DELIGHTED this morning to find a tiny little one in the comment area with Rita's name beside it.  Thank  you Rita! 

Since my last post I have once again gotten very busy at work.  During the lull I had begun to compose stories mainly for the amusement of a friend and this blog came from that exercise in writing.  However, spending 55 hours a week designing highways sort of interfered with that.  But my very first reader has given me new found inspiration!

The internet is a fascinating place.  I would never have thought my first visitor would have found me by a simple little post from another blog about homemade dishcloths.  Amazing.  What is really inspirational for me is how that very same tiny autobiographical detail is what seems to interest the readers of my little stories.

In honor of my first visitor I shall post a story I wrote.  Its a snippet of my childhood.  Well, I'll post it when I figure out how to actually perform such a task.  I'm still working on the whole pictures-emailed-from-phone thing too.

I do hope you enjoy "The Piano Lesson"......Let me know what you think!