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Monday, February 18, 2013

Berea, Kentucky

Berea is a special place.  I actually had a job offer in Madison County oh so many years ago and being from the other end of the state I really didn't understand the significance of the area.  Had I not turned them down I would be living in the country most likely.  But alas, some life decisions are often decisions of the heart.  I chose another path.

Berea College is located here.  It is one of the original settlement schools.  Yankee Do Gooders came down to educate the hillbillies and many of these schools are still thriving today.  FYI,  I say yankee and hillbilly with the utmost respect to both.  While I'm technically not a hillbilly I've been on the descriminatory end of hillbilly.  Seriously, when I lived in Texas I had people ask me if we wore shoes.  Sigh.  But Berea.  That is another post.  Today I want to share some pictures of the Depot.

Sit back and enjoy.......

Railroads make the best pictures!

Berea, the town is back over behind the house on the hill.

The House on the Hill

I suspect this house is newer than it looks.  This architecture is prevelant throughout the region.  I would love to have a library in the turret!

Lots of places in the area are named for geologic characteristics.  Sand Gap, Red Lick, etc.  There are the most awesome rocks found here the locals call "indian head rocks".  They are filled with colorful crystals with a lackluster brown exterior.

Berea is pronounced (Bah REE ah), but only if you aren't from the mountains in the area.  In that case you call it Berea (Bah REER).  Go on say that a few times in your best Kentucky accent! 

Barn Charm #10

Yet another random abandoned barn.

Somewhere in Central Kentucky

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