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Friday, March 16, 2012

March Madness Part Two ~ The Mascots of Kentucky

This has been a very good year for Kentucky basketball.  Not only is THE Kentucky basketball team rated #1 in the nation, 3 other teams from Kentucky made it to the Big Dance.  I am starting to wonder why, if we have such great basketball teams we can't have some awesome mascots???

First, let's start with Murray State University.  Located in far western Kentucky, practically in Missouri (pronounced mizzoorah by the natives there), they decided on this mascot.

Murray State Racers
Yes.  It IS a blow up doll.  I understand, however that "Dunker" also has a real life costumed version.  Personally, I think Kentucky goes a bit overboard with horses and I think this is proof.  You have to try really really hard to get any farther away from horse country and stay in Kentucky than Murray.  Why not call him Racer?  Or Secretariat?  Why not just make him something else??  Anything but a blow up horse doll!  Sheese.  It is embarrassing.  I didn't pick the Murray Racers to go very far.  In fact, they got stomped by the "real" Kentucky basketball team last night.  The Wildcats.

University of Kentucky Wildcats
 When you look at Mr. Wildcat what comes to mind?  Excellence?  Well, no. How about mad golfer in blue?  Or perhaps jockey gone wild?  Patchwork puppet?  I give them points for incorporating Kentuckisms in the costume, but the face.  Please!  Don't you just want to kiss that cute little kitty cat's mouth?  Look at him stamping his foot at a bad call!  Darn you referee!  Gosh doggone!!  Someone give Mr. Wildcat a jug of moonshine please.  He needs it.

It gets worse though.  The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers are in the tournament this year.  What is a hilltopper you say?

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

I blew him up extra large so you could really believe your eyes.  I have no idea what a hilltopper is and I think I have a lot of company at Western too.  Is that his mouth on the right side there?  But he does have a cute nose dontcha think?   And the Groucho eyebrows are certainly cute!

The Louisville Cardinals have long been UK's rival in basketball.  It is a good thing the contest doesn't involve mascots!

University of Louisville Cardinals
Now that is a mascot!  The state bird strikes up a pose like Joe Namath's famous photo in pantyhose.  Look at that beak!  Yes, he could tear bits of flesh from bones with a snap of his bill.    He is poised to jump up and do his job at a moment's notice - instill enthusiasm, pride and strength in the fans!  Can you see Mr. Wildcat doing that?  Or Dunker?  Or the Blob Thing?  Louisville knows how to choose a worthy mascot every Kentuckian should admire. 

We'll see how far they advance.  Based on Mr. Cardinal they should go far!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, Just popping in to say hello and leave a way for you to find my new blog if you'd visit when you have time. Hoping all is well with you. Sue (Maa)

Independent at 50 said...

OMG!!! You are so RIGHT!! and FUNNY. I love this. And just what IS up with the wildcat outfit?

Buttons said...

Mary I hope you are well. Hug B